Oh Christmas tea, Oh Christmas tea.


No matter what I get up to at the moment I am constantly reminded that Christmas is on the very near horizon hurtling directly towards me. With so much to do and such little time I always find that at this time of year along with many of you I get stressed and perhaps a little short tempered. It’s fair enough really, once you grow up and learn about Santa and that magic and innocence gets taken away from you there is not much left to look forward to  for Christmas. I’m not sure about how other people celebrate but my family would always wake early in the morning so they could open presents (most of which left them unhappy due to shoddy gifts) before putting on dinner and stuffing yourself with super heavy food so that you can sleep all afternoon before waking up in the mess you created and realising that you have to clean it up. Not my favourite way to spend a holiday. This year it’s just me, my husband and our four cats though so it should be easy…but I didn’t promise to make a huge extravaganza for dinner this year. Whoops! 

It’s gotten to the point that I need something to take away that Scrooge element and bring me back to my senses while trying to make me remember what Christmas was like as a child . Back when Christmas meant that Santa thought you have been well behaved and you hope he got your list safely and in one piece. Short of driving myself mad or turning to a glass of wine each night I instead turn to a mug of Christmas themed tea. It would seem that a lot of places try to cater for tea needs around the holidays and offer their own brands to relax and enjoy. 

So far this year I have been drinking: 

Canton Tea – Christmas Blend             http://www.cantonteaco.com/canton-christmas-tea.html

It looks like a nice mixture with large chunks dominating it of what look like cinnamon bark, cloves, and red fruit with a few other twiggy bits. It smells deliciously of spicy orange.

Once brewed the tea creates a mellow citrus fragrance. A few sips in and I can detect waxy orange, cooling clove, fruity berries and spicy cinnamon all in one mouthful. It’s not too heavy in flavour and the Assam gives this blend a lovely dark and rich fullness to balance the different flavours out.

52 Teas – 12 Days of Christmas surprise box http://www.52teas.com/2012/11/03/12-teas-of-christmas-2012/

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a mug full of ….. cotton candy tea. 

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me a mug full of ….. honeybush breakfast smoothie.

Della Terra – Candy Cane http://www.dellaterrateas.com/candy-cane/

It smells like creamy vanilla peppermint with a chocolate base. Delicious! My husband saw me sniffing and came to see what the fuss was about and even he said he wants one.

Tasting without milk/creamer or sweetener. Wow it’s simply amazing! Just as it smells, smooth and refreshing peppermint with creamy and fresh. It tastes like a candy cane but with more layers, not just the peppermint. The chocolate is more in the fragrance than taste as is the black tea but it gives more depth in flavour without much of the flavour. It’s so delicious!

iHeartTeas – Winter Frost (Formally Christmas 2009)  http://iheartteas.com/store/products/winter-frost-2oz/

This blend is a mixture of finely chopped black tea leaves with some sort of finely chopped green/brown leaf and red candy looking pieces. It smells sweet and creamy 🙂

Once brewed this tea forms a dark brown liquid that smells sweetly of cinnamon.

My first few sips reveal earthy cinnamon with a sweet vanilla flourish followed by a breeze of refreshing mint. It’s a rather subtle blend overall but the ingredients compliment each other well.

If I was to say anything negative about this blend it would be that there is not enough candy cane in there for me and I was hoping it would be a little mintier.


At least with a mug of tea things don’t seem so bad. 🙂 I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas. 

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