Pu Erh Tea

Young Pu Erh – Pekko Teas. Gaiwan style.

A few months back Pekko Teas were having a half price sale so I placed my first order with them, they were kind enough to send me a 12g sample of their Young Pu Erh.


From looking at the tea I can tell it’s a Ripe Pu Erh abd as stated it’s young meaning it’s fermentation and production time was short.

For more information on Pu Erh visit this website, it tells in great and easy detail the difference between Raw and Ripe Pu Erh along with an introduction. Great for beginners, they explain it much better than I could.


Gaiwan Instructions: Tea:12g      Water Temp: Boiling
9 steeps: rinse twice,20s,30s,40s,50s,1m10s,1m30s,2m,2m30s,3m30s

Rinse twice before consuming, this opens up the leaves and creates more flavour.


Whilst raw the tea is made of dark brown leaves that have been rolled into short and thin, squiggly straws that smell soft yet earthy.

Once rinsed the leaves smell much stronger and look much darker in colour.


First Steep – 20 seconds – Strong and slightly astringent with robust earthiness.


Second Steep – 30 seconds – Smoothing slightly with strength and astringency. Also picking up a slight muskness yet sweetness.

Third Steep – 40 seconds – Slightly bitter but still musky. Very dark, very earthy.

Fourth Steep – 50 seconds – More mellow and musky but sweet, almost fruity or floral.

Fifth Steep – 1m10seconds – Much more palatable, not harsh or as strong and remains earthy and sweet with a hint of dryness.

Sixth Steep – 1m30seconds – I’m liking this more and more, the first few steeps were harsh and strong but now it’s more like the Pu Erh I love. Considering it’s so earthy it still tastes clean and fresh but the heavily fermented fruit sweetness is becoming stronger.

Seventh Steep – 2 minutes – The yea is lightening in colour. Very musky that lingers in the mouth with sweet after tastes.

Eight Steep – 2m30seconds – It’s completely mellowed down from the first steep, almost a completely different tea. Earthy now and dry.

Ninth Steep – 3 minutes – My final steep and I’m rather sad to see it go. The last flavours are earthy yet fermented.




Overall – I adore Pu Erh and favour the Ripe and aged varieties the most but this was a nice break from my Pu Erh norm. It started off very harsh, dry and astringent which had me thinking it was not my cup of tea (ha ha) but it turned itself around and became very similar to what I was expecting. It’s dark, fermented, slightly fruity and very musky/earthy.

I find Pu Erh great to drink in the evening as it gives me a little well needed boost. Thank you to Pekko Tea’s for this generous sample. More information on this tea from the company themselves can be found here. http://pekkoteas.com/pu-erh/young-puerh.html

Rating this as 7/10.

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