White Tea

Bai Mudan (White Peony) – Infussion Tea

Firstly I want to thank Infussion Tea for this generous sample and the opportunity for me to review it. I’m always honoured to receive free samples in exchange for honest reviews. 🙂 


What do Infussion Tea say about their Bai Mudan? “One of the most characteristic Chinese white tea, known as the white peony. First infusion reveal surprisingly fresh notes with no bitterness and pleasant sweetness. Second and third shows that we’re having a white tea with developing floral notes. You won’t find better priced Bai Mudan of this quality”. http://www.infussion.eu/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BaiMudan100 

I do have some experience with Bai Mudan (also sometimes spelt Bai Mu Dan) and have tried and enjoyed samples from other companies. I remember this tea (in general) being light and refreshing with a little sweetness. 


Back to this sample, the leaves are a mixture of brown and green with a few silver tips. It looks as though the leaves were whole which includes stalk but have now crumbled slightly and broken into smaller pieces. They have a slight sweet and floral fragrance. 

Leaves before rinse 


Gaiwan Instructions: Tea 5g      Water Temp: 90ºC / 194ºF

5 steeps: rinse, 25s,45s,1m10s,1m40s,2m30s

Leaves after rinse 


Steep one – 25 seconds – I note a wonderful sweet pea fragrance and golden coloured tea soup. The flavour is sweet and floral with no bitterness, very refreshing.

Colour of tea soup


Steep two – 45 seconds – As well as sweetpea this has increased it’s floral tones and has gained a slight green, perhaps vegetal tang.

Steep three – 1 minute 10 seconds –  Deliciously floral and refreshing with smooth sweetness with honeyed tones. 

Steep four 1 minute 40 seconds – Decreasing slightly in flavour but remaining sweet and floral. Still no harshness but slightly vegetal, almost like a sweet cabbage.

Steep five – 2 minutes 30 seconds –  Very subtle with slight sweet floral if not mellow honeyed tones. 

Tea after steeps


Overall – This was a nice example of Bai Mudan in quality and flavour, not the freshest I have had but great for the price with an added bonus of cheap shipping. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a Bai Mudan for daily use or for beginners.

The tea is sweet, vegetal, refreshing, floral and delicate. A winning combination. Rating 8/10. 

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