Oolong Tea

Oolong before London

I’m super excited about tomorrow as I will be off to London for the night for a music gig. An old favourite of mine (Hell Is For Heroes) is playing their first album in it’s entirety and I got tickets as a treat for my husband. It’s only an hour train ride from where I live and I hated London the first time I visited because it’s too busy for me but I am putting that aside. 

I was hoping to do an article about re using tea for other purposes such as scented tea cushions, scented tea candles etc but someone I know beat me to it so that is now on hold. To fill in the gaps I am doing another review. 


Wu Ling 武陵 Oolong Tea from Tea From Taiwan 


6 steeps: rinse,25s,35s,45s,55s,65s,75s           7g tea (sample pack) 100ºC/212ºF




Pre rinse: The buds are average sized and have what look like brown stems. Not much smell but gentle flowers can be detected.

After rinse: The tea itself is dark green with a few brown tinges. It smells very floral and slightly buttery/milky and grassy but fresh. 

Steep one – 25 seconds 

The smell is slightly floral and the colour is pale yellow. Some lovely flavours with the first steep, slightly floral and grassy. It reminds me of a woods in the summer time. 

Steep two – 35 seconds 

The fragrance has increased slightly but still smells floral but with added grassy tones. The flavour is now also stronger but not by much, it’s refreshing and gentle overall. I am getting a new buttery perfume flavour. 

Steep three – 45 seconds 

Very similar to steep three in all aspects. Now though there is a very strong after taste of grass/seaweed. 

Steep four – 55 seconds 

The tea soup is now a little darker in colour and smells somewhat like floral perfume. Adding sweetness now to the flavour and still grassy. 

Steep five – 65 seconds 

The flavour is turning a little weaker now, much like my first two steeps. All I can taste now is  weak flowers and a little grass/seaweed. 

Steep 6 – 75 seconds 

Virtually no fragrance at all now. It’s gone back to the first steep, slightly floral but keeping it’s edge of grassy sweetness. 




Overall – This is my second sample from Tea From Taiwan and I must say that so far I am impressed with the quality. I did prefer the first sample I tried but this was still very nice and I am glad I had the opportunity to try it. In a nut shell this Oolong is green and tastes like flowers but with a sweet and grassy edge that get stronger during it’s peak steeps. 




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