green tea

Mad about mint…or just plain mad?

Today was another ‘Manic Monday’ at both work and home which resulted in 8 hours of pure non stop action. It was so busy that I have only managed to consume one cup of tea so far. Now that I have enough time to breathe I chose a mint green tea (making this my second cup of the day) to review and enjoy. I have a few on my shelf but went for my newly re-purchased Marakesh Mint from Teapigs. It’s not my gaiwan and it’s not loose tea but after such a busy day I am happy to have anything.


Instructions on the back of the pack indicate that this should be steeped for 3 minutes with fresh boiling water. I don’t like to use boiling water on green tea for fear of harsh bitterness in the flavour but nevertheless I do like to follow instructions to the T so boiling water it is.

Here is the pyramid tea bag before steep.


My tea during the steep.


The created golden tea soup smells minty but not overpoweringly so with no obvious green tea notes.

Flavour wise we have a nice blend which overall remains gentle and smooth. The mint tastes fresh and slightly sweet (naturally so) and gets stronger further down the cup, With the mint being the most noticeable flavour and fragrance it almost overrides the green tea but not quite. I can taste the green tea’s slight bitterness (very slight) which reveals itself once the tea has settled onto my tongue as it slips down. I remembered this tea being stronger mint wise so it’s a little off to being what I wanted to drink but it’s still going down marvellously.

It’s what I expect from a pre-bagged tea, it’s pleasant enough don’t get me wrong but for me it will never be as fresh and tasty as loose tea. At the same time these tea bags are bio degradable which is something to be thankful for.

I will mostly be using this tea to take to work for ease of transportation and general brewing. Rating wise I would give this 7/10.

Now to sit back and enjoy my tea whilst thinking about the events of last night. I had a few whiskeys and went to a concert/gig with my husband to see Anthrax and Motorhead. It was a great night but I just wish my head would let me remember it all. 🙂

Happy steeping friends.


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