green tea

A craving for Jade Snails

I have been playing Skyrim on my Xbox 360 for a couple of hours now during my relaxing evening and I got a sudden craving for some Jade Snail tea from Adagio. It could be the cooking I have been doing in Skyrim has made me hungry and I try to substitute my snacking behaviour with a nice cup of tea.

So here we have it, my second review of the day and my third cup of tea, Not sure if you can see clearly on the picture but it says to brew this tea for 2-3 minutes using 180 degrees Fahrenheit water (which I had to google was 82 degrees Celsius). 


The tea itself is a wonderful combination of light and medium green leaves that have been hand rolled to create an attractive swirly blend. It smells of fresh cut flowers with a slight grassy tang. 



Once brewed this takes on a fairly light yellow colour that smells like gentle flowers in a summers breeze. 


After a few sips I remember how much I adored this a few months ago. It’s fresh and light with floral highlights and grassy tones that melt down my throat and makes me feel as warm as a summers day inside. There is no bitterness or harshness at all and it’s not so floral that it has perfumed tangs. This was the perfect tea to drink before bedtime as it’s very relaxing. 

Rating wise this is a 7 out of 10 but it’s on the higher end of the 7 scale. Perfect for green tea lovers 🙂 

That’s it for me for the night, I’m finishing this beauty of a tea and I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams my steeping friends and to all a good night. 

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