The world of tea and my official introduction



My name is Kayleigh and I am a tea-o-holic. When I tell people this I get stared at with quizzical eyes before the questions start to occur, “How many cups a day do you drink?”, “How can you be addicted to tea?”, “Why?”. Let me explain myself, when I say tea I don’t mean your typical shop bought black tea (PG TIPS, Yorkshire Tea, Twinings etc) but rather loose tea from around the world. Every day I enjoy getting home from work and preparing the ritual of making tea with my gaiwan (which is pictured above) and sitting back to enjoy the magic of whichever tea I have chosen. 

I feel more explanation is needed for those who are unfamiliar with gaiwan. A gaiwan is a Chinese/oriental tea maker that comprises of one saucer and a round pot with a large lid. The idea is that you put your loose tea into the pot and add your water, you then place the lid on top but tilting it slightly so that you can pour the water out whilst keeping the majority of the tea behind to be re used in the pot. I say the majority of the tea as this way of making tea is never 100% herb free and while it would bother some people I relish in it. Tea leaves prepared this way are suitable for multiple steeps each with short yet increasing times. 

I find that tea made this way tastes fresh and natural which plays a big part in my admiration for it. There are so many different blends of tea to experience and each have unique and different flavours and fragrances and you never have to worry about becoming bored as there are so many to try. 

This blog is a way for me to share my personal experiences on my journey to explore as much tea as possible from around the world. I will bring forward pictures and honest tea reviews on a regular basis along with posts about tea and related situations that have personally occurred or have been felt. In other words this is a tea blog but there will be other posts to separate the reviews. 

I started off on Steepster.com and still continue to act as an active member under the name ch3rryprinc3ss. 

Now it’s time for me to get underway with some new reviews. Happy steeping until next time friends.


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